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Add these easy preschool winter crafts to your winter theme


What are snowflakes?

It all starts with a speck of dust floating in the air. Snowflakes begin as ice crystals that freeze around small dust particles up in the atmosphere.

These tiny ice crystals join together to form snow flakes as they fall to the earth.

Various factors may affect the shape of each snowflake, factors such as the temperature, wind, the quantity of water vapour present in the air and the length of time it takes to fall to the ground.

Snowflakes are usually have six sides because water molecules are six-sided and tend to grow in six directions.

Create beautiful and unique snowflake patterns with this easy preschool winter craft activity.

Cutting encourages the development of fine motor skills.
Make sure that your children have a good sharp pair of children's scissors.

If you have a left-handed child, ensure that s/he has left-handed or ambidextrous scissors. DO NOT expect him/her to use a right-handed pair of scissors!

You will need

paper - plenty per child
safety scissors


1. Fold the piece of paper in half and then in half again. Older children may like to make more folds for a more interesting result, but the more folds there are the harder it is to cut through all the layers.
2. Draw pencil lines to create patterns along the edges of the folded paper. Older children may cut freely without drawn guidelines.
3. Neatly cut the patterns on the paper.
4. Unfold the paper to discover your beautiful snowflake


  • Use coloured paper, gift wrap, aluminium foil or old magazines to create colourful doilies.
  • Use newspaper and paste the cutting onto black paper.

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