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Free Printable Preschool Worksheets

Free Alphabet Worksheets - for beginner writers

Free Preschool Alphabet Worksheets - more advanced

Free Alphabet Worksheets - even more advanced

Writing Pattern Worksheets

Free Printable Number Worksheets

African Animals Alphabet Colouring Book

Free Bible Colouring Pages

Easter Colouring Pages

Bible Memory Verses to Print

Ladybug Math Activities

Printable Shape Recognition Activities

ABC Fun & 1-2-3

Weekly preschool lesson plan, including stories, rhymes, easy crafts, counting etc.

Info about ABC Fun Printed Copies

Preschool Themes


Winter Preschool Activities

Winter Snowman Art Activity

Snowflake Cutting Craft

Concertina-fold Cutting Activity

Winter Tree Collage

Winter Songs and Rhymes

Snow Ice Cream Recipe


Valentine's Day Craft

China Lesson Plan - for Chinese New Year

Chinese Lantern Craft

Purim - Jewish Festival


Earth Craft - for Earth Day

Easter Crafts for Kids (Passover)

Easter Coloring Pages

Matzoh Recipes for Passover

Easter Tomb Cookies Recipe

Easter Poems and Songs

Easter Crafts for Kids (Passover)

Easter Art Activity


Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day Basket Collage

Printable Mother's Day Card

Free Mother's Day Poems

Mother's Day Date and History


Free Father's Day Poems

Father's Day

Father's Love Letter - printable poem

Father's Day Dates and History

Dads Night at Preschool


Back to School Activities

Free Printable Bookmark - with poem for both parents or teachers

Fall Preschool Theme

Fall Preschool Crafts

Leaf Craft

Bird Feeder Craft

Preschool Apple Activity

Fall Preschool Nursery Rhymes

Fall Preschool Recipes

Sensory Activity




Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas Decoration Crafts

Christmas Ornaments Crafts

Christmas Card Crafts

Christmas Paper Crafts

Christmas Gift Crafts

Around the World

1. Around the World Preschool Theme

2. Introduction to the World

3. China Lesson Plan

4. South African Preschool Theme

5. India Preschool Theme

6. United States of America Preschool Theme 7. France Preschool Theme

8. Around the World pages added by visitors to this site

Four Seasons

Four Seasons Poster Craft

Ocean Theme

Ocean Theme Lapbook

Sea Anemone Craft

Sea Urchin Model

Sand Collage Craft

Ocean Theme Mural

Space Mural

Starry Night Glitter Collage

Preschool Theme Ideas - by site visitors

Preschool Curriculum Reviews

The Benefits of a Preschool Curriculum


Little Footprints - South African Homeschool Curriculum


Preschool Bible Lessons

School Readiness Activities

School Maturity

School Readiness

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Visual Perception Activities

Auditory Perception

Mathematical Activities

Preschool Ideas by Subject

The Three R's - Reading, Writing & Arithmetic

Preschool Reading

Writing & Alphabet Worksheets

Preschool Language Activities


Preschool Math Activities

What is Preschool Math?

Preschool Math Concepts and Activities

Early Math Skills

Skills for Telling the Time

Clock Race Math Game

Snap-o-clock Math Game

Racing Time Math Activity

Ladybug Math Activities

Snap Math Activity

Printable Shape Recognition Activities

Build a House Shapes Math Game

Draw a Face Math Game

Paper Plane Math Activity

Rain Gauge Activity

Dot-to-dot Math Activity

Spiders Math Activity

Preschool Science

Preschool Science Activities

Tips for Preschool Science

Easy Science Activities for Everyday

Preschool Science Experiments

Science and Nature Study

Evaporation Science Experiments

Soap Bubbles

Soap Experiment

Surface Tension Experiment

Salt Solution Evaporation Experiment

Sugar Crystals Experiment

Sugar Tower Absorption Experiment

Capillary Action Experiments

Evaporation Science Experiments

Rain Gauge Activity

Light Painting with Kids

Easy Science for Kids added by visitors to this site:

Easy Science Experiments

Social Studies

Around the World Preschool Theme

China Lesson Plan

South African Preschool Theme

America Preschool Theme

India Preschool Theme

France Preschool Theme

Kids & Money

Teach Kids about Money


Art Appreciation

Preschool Art & Crafts


Music Appreciation

Toys & Games

Learning Hardware - recommended toys, games and equipment

Free Educational Online Games

Games and Activities for Travelling

Preschool Art & Crafts

Craft Recipes - play dough, finger paint etc.

Printable Crafts & Lapbooks

Preschool Lapbooking Tips and Free Preschool Lapbooks

Corner Bookmarks

Chinese Lantern Craft

Earth Craft with Papier Mache

Leaf Mobile

Leaf or Coin Rubbings

Ostrich Handprint Collage Craft

Paper Chain Craft

Sand Collage Craft

Sea Anemone Craft

Sea Urchin Model

Snowflake Cutting Activity

Starry Night Glitter Collage

String Collage Craft

Tree Collage - for spring, summer, fall/autumn and winter

Valentine's Day Hearts

Wax Crayon Etching

Wax and Dye Picture

Pinwheel Paper Craft

Easy Preschool Crafts - submitted by visitors to this site

Preschool Songs and Nursery Rhymes

The Benefits of Preschool Songs and Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhyme List from A-Z

Nursery Rhyme Games, Actions Songs, Rhythm Activities

Preschool Fingerplays

Counting Rhymes

Bedtime Rhymes and Tea-time Preschool Songs

Fall Preschool Nursery Rhymes

Winter Songs and Rhymes

Preschool Language Activities - the importance of MEMORIZATION

Preschool Reading

1. Introduction & Reading with Babies and Toddlers

2. Preschool Reading Together

3. Preschool Reading Activities and Games

4. The Benefits of Reading with Children

5. Preschool Language Activities - the importance of READING ALOUD

Homeschool and Parenting

Advice to New Homeschoolers

Christian Homeschooling Advice

Relaxed Preschool Homeschooling

Don't Start Too Early

The Best Mother, The Best Preschool

Preschool Training

Goals for Preschool Training

Am I Doing Enough?

Homeschooling with Babies & Toddlers

Homeschooling? How Do I Cope?

Family Code of Conduct

South African Homeschool Support Groups

Work at Home Like Shirley

Preschool Homeschool Questions and Answers

Considering Preschool Homeschooling

Homeschool or Preschool

Stimulating Baby

Language of Instruction

Kids Computer Time

Homeschooling Special Needs

Preschool Articles

Play is the Work of Childhood

The Benefits of Preschool at Home

Kids Need to Move to Learn

Two Essential Preschool Ingredients for College Success

Preschool Discipline

Protect Your Girls' Girlhood

Dogs and Children

Speech Delays

Healthy Kids' Food

Revolutionary Kids' Toothcare

Organizing Kids Stuff

Kids Clothing Tips

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