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Christmas Gift Crafts

Let your children make homemade presents with these easy Christmas gift crafts.

Christmas gift crafts

Stone Paperweights

smooth stones

You will need

large smooth stones
paint brush
clear varnish


  1. Wash the stones thoroughly and then paint on your design.
  2. When the paint has dried, varnish over the design and allow it to dry again.

Decorated Bottles

glass bottles

You will need

empty bottles with interesting shapes or jars
oil paints or gloss paint
paint brush


  1. Wash and dry the bottles well.
  2. Paint a design or pattern on the bottles.
  3. Use as containers for bath salts, homemade salad dressing, vases or candle holders, jars for nuts, preserves or other homemade treats.

Flour Patterned Scarf, Handkerchief or Bandana

You will need

mixing bowl
wooden board
cold water dye
bowl or bucket
paint brush
plain material or scarf
rubber gloves


  1. Spread out your scarf or material and pin it to the wooden board.
  2. Mix some flour and water in the ratio of three parts flour to four parts water. Mix well until you have a runny paste.
  3. Using the paint brush, dribble the paste onto the scarf to form a thick pattern.
  4. Leave to dry overnight.
  5. Unpin the fabric and wearing rubber gloves place in a bowl of cold water dye, for about an hour.
  6. Wearing the rubber gloves, remove it from the dye and rinse well.
  7. Boil the scarf in a pot of water to remove all the flour paste. Rinse well in warm water and dry.

Preschool Christmas Crafts for Children

Christmas Ornaments Crafts

Salt Dough Candle Holder Christmas Ornament
Snow Globe Christmas Ornament

Christmas decoration crafts

Christmas Decoration Crafts

Homemade Christmas Crackers
Egg Shell Hanging Decorations
Hanging Star Christmas Decoration

Christmas paper crafts

Christmas Paper Crafts

Homemade Leafy Gift Wrap
Wax and Dye Christmas Paper Craft
Stencilled Christmas Paper Craft

Christmas card crafts

Christmas Card Crafts

Photo Christmas Card Craft
Pop-Up Christmas Card Craft

Christmas gift crafts

Christmas Gift Crafts

Pet Rock Paperweight
Handpainted Bottles and Jars
Handpainted Scarf

Hanging Hearts

Let your kids practice their cutting and construction skills while they make a hanging heart from paper with this easy Christmas craft for kids.

Snowman Christmas Craft

Make this easy collage picture of a snowman, using puffs of cotton wool and confetti.

Concertina Paper Christmas Craft

Concertina Paper Christmas Craft

Cut out a variety of concertina people or paper chain shapes to add to your preschool Christmas crafts!

Paper Chain Christmas Craft

Paper Chain Christmas Craft

Make homemade Christmas decorations with these easy paper chain Christmas crafts for kids!

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Preschool Christmas Crafts

What easy Christmas crafts have you done?

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