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Christmas Decoration Crafts

Quick and easy ideas for homemade Christmas decoration crafts.

Christmas Crackers

Christmas Decoration Craft

You will need

numerous empty toilet rolls
colourful wrapping paper or tissue paper
gift ribbon
small toys or chocolates
scissors or pinking shears


This may have to be a joint effort between you and your preschool children, but it is a good activity for developing fine motor skills!

  1. Place the gifts or chocolates inside the toilet rolls and wrap them, tying each side with gift ribbon to make a cracker.
  2. Cut a strip of paper of a different colour and wrap it around the middle part of the roll for contrast.
  3. Cut the edges of the cracker into zig-zags for effect.

Egg Shell Christmas Decoration Crafts

eggshell painting

You will need:

empty egg shell halves
needle and thread
bright paints or food colouring
paint brush


Prepare the egg shells carefully before the time. It would be a good idea to have plenty of extra shells in case the children break any!
  1. Make sure the egg shells are clean and dry inside.
  2. Push a needle and thread through the centre of the top of the shell and knot it on the inside.
  3. Tie a loop on the outside by which to hang the shell.
  4. Let the children paint the egg shell colourfully and hang them up for decoration.

Star Christmas Decoration

You will need

coloured paper


  1. Cut the paper into a rectangle with sides about 30 x 15 cm. (A4 size)
  2. Fold it backwards and forwards concertina-style to form small equal pleats, about 1cm wide, across the width of the paper.
  3. Fold the pleated strip in half and cut diagonally across the corner of the edges of the paper, not across the fold.
  4. Now unfold it into a circular shape, glue it to complete the star and then hang it by a thread.

Preschool Christmas Crafts for Children

Christmas Ornaments Crafts

Salt Dough Candle Holder Christmas Ornament
Snow Globe Christmas Ornament

Christmas decoration crafts

Christmas Decoration Crafts

Homemade Christmas Crackers
Egg Shell Hanging Decorations
Hanging Star Christmas Decoration

Christmas paper crafts

Christmas Paper Crafts

Homemade Leafy Gift Wrap
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Christmas card crafts

Christmas Card Crafts

Photo Christmas Card Craft
Pop-Up Christmas Card Craft

Christmas gift crafts

Christmas Gift Crafts

Pet Rock Paperweight
Handpainted Bottles and Jars
Handpainted Scarf

Hanging Hearts

Let your kids practice their cutting and construction skills while they make a hanging heart from paper with this easy Christmas craft for kids.

Snowman Christmas Craft

Make this easy collage picture of a snowman, using puffs of cotton wool and confetti.

Concertina Paper Christmas Craft

Concertina Paper Christmas Craft

Cut out a variety of concertina people or paper chain shapes to add to your preschool Christmas crafts!

Paper Chain Christmas Craft

Paper Chain Christmas Craft

Make homemade Christmas decorations with these easy paper chain Christmas crafts for kids!

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Preschool Christmas Crafts

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