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Wax-dye Art

A quick and easy wax-dye art activity for kids.

wax and dye picture

Wax and Dye Pictures

You will need

wax crayons, including white and other colors
food coloring or dye


1. Let your child draw picture outlines with the wax crayons or alternatively, you draw a simple picture for your child.

2. Paint over the drawing with some diluted food coloring or dye.

Ideas for Wax-dye Art pictures
1. Draw sea creatures and fish and then paint over it with blue food coloring to make an underwater scene to go along with a Preschool Ocean Theme.
2. Draw an aeroplane outline and lots of white clouds and paint over it with blue.
3. Draw a dark mountain silhouette and a yellow setting sun, then paint over it with red or orange to create a sunset effect.
4. Create an Easter picture of the 3 crosses at Golgotha as an easy preschool bible craft (below).

Preschool Bible Craft - Golgotha Silhouette

Easter crosses at Golgotha

You will need

Drawing paper
Black wax crayon
Paint brush
Water color paints or diluted food coloring (red and/or blue)


  1. Create a silhouette of three crosses on a hill (as shown above). Draw the outlines for your children if they can't do it alone.
  2. Let them colour in the mound of the hill and the three crosses with a black wax crayon.
  3. Wash over it with water colour paints or diluted food colouring to make a sunset (shades of red) or dark blue/purple sky - remember it became dark in the afternoon when Jesus died. Mix the red and blue to create purple.
  4. Add glitter and stars to the sky if you like - use star stickers or draw stars with white wax crayon before you wash over the picture.

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