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String Collage Craft

Design your own picture with this easy string collage craft for kids.

Fine Motor Skills which are virtually automatic to adults, require focused effort by little children. They are still developing skills such as hand stability, the ability to manipulate their fingers, muscle tone, strength and balance.

Preschool arts and crafts like this string collage craft will give them opportunities to practice and develop their fine motor co-ordination.

Make a String Picture

kids' string collage craft You will need

Roll of string
Wood glue


1. Draw a pencil outline of the picture on the card. A flower, a car or any simple image will work best.
2. Squeeze glue along the outline and parts of the picture that will be filled in with string. Be generous with the glue, but do a small part at a time to avoid smudging the glue.
3. Help your child to carefully place the string along the outlines and spiral it to cover parts of the picture that are to be filled in. 4. When complete, place the picture in a safe place to dry.

Variation: When the glue has dried, place a sheet of regular paper on top of the picture and show your child how to make a rubbing of the picture, using the flat edge of a pencil point.

string craft project for kids

More Cutting and Paper Crafts for Kids

Let your children experience the textures of different mediums and practice fine motor skills, like cutting and pasting. Tearing is also a good activity for developing fine motor skills.

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