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Snap-o-clock Math Game

Use this printable snap-o-clock math game to help your children learn to tell the time.

Learning to tell the time is an abstract concept that children must be mature enough to comprehend.

Children must first be able to count reasonably well and have an understanding of number symbols before they can learn to tell the time.

On the page title Telling the Time, there is a list of tips, ideas and activities that you can use to teach children the time, precept upon precept.

Once they have learned to tell the time, they can learn about analogue and digital time using this snap-o-clock math game.

clock faces


You will need



Print out about 24 of the snap cards using the template provided and cut them out.
Click here to download the printable Snap-o-clock Card Template

snap-o-clock .

Using a marker, draw in the hands of the clock so that you have a set of 12 cards with all the hours of the day on them - "on the hour" only.
Write the same times on the other 12 cards as they would appear on a digital clock, as shown in the examples above.


Deal the cards between you and your child and play "snap" or "pairs" with your child.

As your child progresses, you can make more cards with the 'half hours' on them to practise the 'half past' times.

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