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Snap Math Game

Learn number bonds (addition facts) using this simple snap math game.

Number bonds

Addition facts or the pairs which make up each number are known as number bonds.

The number bonds for nine, for example are 0+9, 1+8, 2+7, 3+6 and 4+5.

To help children master addition, these facts are often drilled.

This snape math game will help children grasp the addition facts.

Abstact Mode

This math activity is not an example of manipulative maths, instead it is at the level of abstract mode.

Once a child has had enough experience with counting real objects, such as blocks, beads or spoons, she may progress to the mental image mode, where she can count pictures of real objects.

The final stage is abstract mode, where a child can think about an abstract number such as 'five', without seeing five objects of a picture of five objects.

Children must progress through these three stages, manipulative mode, mental image mode and abstract mode in that order. A child can always revert back to a previous mode, but should NEVER jump ahead to a mode that they have not developed enough to comprehend. That would be a recipe for mathematical disaster!

Number Bond Snap - Math Game

Number Bond Cards You will need



Print out about 24 of the number bond cards using the template provided and cut them out.
Click here to download the printable Snap Card Template .
Using a marker write number bonds on half of the cards and the answer to each calculation on another card, as shown on the examples above.


Shuffle and deal the cards between you and your child and play "snap" or "pairs" with your child.

As your child progresses, you can make new cards with more number bonds on them.

If your child is learning to tell the time, you could also try Snap-o-clock.

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