Sand Collage Craft

Use this sand collage craft combined with a handprint tracing and cutting activity to create an underwater picture as part of a preschool ocean theme.

Sand Collage Craft Activity

sand collage craft activity

You will need
clown fish
1 piece card per child
wood glue
(stick glue will work, but not as well)
colured paper or magazines to tear or cut
glue stick


1. Spread wood glue along the bottom of the card, where you want the sand of the sea bed to lie.
2. Sprinkle sand onto the glue thickly and set it aside to dry for a few hours.
3. Gently shake off the extra sand once the glue has dried.
4. Cut or tear strips of coloured paper to make a sea weed or coral 'forest'. Glue on the sea-weed strips.
5. As an extra touch, cut out a coloured handprint and make a fish.

Add small shells or other decorations to your picture if you choose.

Extension To Sand Collage Craft

clown fish

Explain to your children how creatures in the ocean depend on each other for survival.

A good example is the mutually symbiotic relationship between clown fish, like Nemo and sea anemones.

The tentacles of the sea anemones provide shelter and protection from predators to the clown fish.

In return the clown fish feeds on small invertebrates which could possibly harm the anemone. Also, fecal matter from the clown fish provide nutrients to the sea anemone.

By living together, both creatures benefit.

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Ocean Theme Lapbook

Explore the Ocean with a Hermit Crab

Exploring the Ocean with a Hermit Crab

Add this preschool ocean theme lapbook based on A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle to your studies of marine life.

The printable project pack includes the following topics:

  • My House
  • My Address
  • Growth Chart
  • Months of the Year
  • Sea Creatures
  • Popular Seafoods
  • Fishing Nursery Rhyme
  • Oceans of the World
  • Hermit Crab Anatomy
  • Hermit Crab Craft

Click below for more info or to purchase and download it instantly:

Exploring the Ocean with a Hermit Crab


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