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Rain Gauge Activity

Use this Make a Rain Gauge Activity to encourage measuring and graphing.

Did You Know?

It is believed that the Greeks were the first to keep records of rainfalls in about 500 B.C.

In about 600 B.C. bowls were used in India to record the rainfall.

Rain gauges usually measure the amount of rain that has fallen in millimeters, however, sometimes the level of precipitation is reported as inches or centimeters.

In effect, any measuring jug that is left out of doors can be used as a rain gauge. It would be wise to place your rain gauge in the center of a wide open area, away from the shelter of trees or buildings so as to catch as much rain as possible.

You also need to make sure that the rain gauge is secure and will not easily be blown over by strong wind.

Once you have set up your rain gauge, wait for rain and then record your measurement.

Be sure to empty the rain gauge so that your next reading will be accurate.

Make a Rain Gauge Activity

You will need

a large plastic bottle (soda bottle)
felt-tipped marker


1. Remove the lid and cut the bottle around its circumference, one third from the top, so that you have two pieces.

2. Turn the top part upside down and push it into the bottom piece of the bottle.

3. Put the bottle outside and measure how much rain is collected in it each week.

4. Make a chart together with older children to show how much it rains each day for a week or each month.

Skills - measuring, graphing

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