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Preschool Valentines Day Craft Activity

An easy preschool Valentines Day Craft Activity using cutting and construction skills to create a hanging heart.

Hanging Hearts

Valentines Day

You will need

large pieces of coloured card
needle and thread

Valentine's Heart Activity

1. Draw two large identical heart shapes on pieces of stiff cardboard and cut them out.
2. Draw a line down the centre of each heart.
3. Cut half way down this line on one heart and half way up the line on the other heart.
4. Push the two hearts together and thread them so that they can be hung up for decoration.


You can paint the hearts and decorate them further if you choose. You could use glitter, glitter glue, stickers, shiny buttons or lace to decorate them.

Bible-based Greeting Card for Valentines Day

This Father's Love Letter is a free printable Christian greeting card that is suitable for all occasions. The verse is a collection of Bible verses that convey the gospel message in a touching way. Preview the message and download the printable card here.

Books to Read for Valentine's Day

As impossible as it may sound, in this day and age, with 'free love' and the western way of dating, these stories encourage children to guard their hearts and their sexuality, so that they don't end up as adults with hearts scarred from the ravages of broken relationships.

You may also find these books useful if you want to have a gentle, age-appropriate discussion with your children about 'the facts' of life.

Another Idea for Valentine's Day

Have you ever had regrets about past romantic relationships? Wished there hadn't been so many? Wished they hadn't ended so badly? Wished you'd been wiser or more mature in some way?

Of course, there are some lessons in life that we just have to learn the hard way, but recently, as I have researched parenting teens and how to guide young adults through the mine field of the teen years, I have often wished that I had been given some of the insights and ideas that I have now discovered, when I was younger.

I believe that there is an alternative to the dating game and that we can already teach and train our small children to have a radically different outlook on this issue than the popular one in our culture today. We can start now to equip them to make good choices - choices that will hopefully allow them to have less regrets than many others and more successful relationships with their partners than the rest of the world!

I believe it begins with realising that dating for recreation in the early teen years is usually a very emotionally and often physically self-seeking and self-gratifying pursuit, even if it is mutually so.

Secondly, I think teen-dating is potentially the beginning of a pattern that is not beneficial for long term relationships, like marriage, (but rather sets the pattern for divorce) and finally, that romantic intimacy flourishes best in a secure, permanent relationship....

...so, although I won't forbid my childrento date, I am encouraging them all, both the preschooler and the teens and the ones inbetween, to develop good friendships with both sexes, rather than get emotionally entangled with the opposite sex too soon, when they reach adolescence!

Its fine to have feelings of attraction towards someone, but its what they do with those feelings that matters!

We need to build relationships with our children where we can openly discuss these sensitive issues too, so that they will ask for our guidance. I believe we have to start that relationship building from the preschool years so that we will hold our children's hearts...and Valentine's Day is a good time to revisit this topic each year.

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