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Tips for making preschool science and discovery a natural part of everyday life.

At preschool level, science is fun!

Most science involves a lot of observation of natural events and a little bit of experimenting in controlled environments to test hypotheses, so that is where you should begin.

Preschool science resources and other ideas on this site will also make implementing preschool science activities into your daily life "a breeze"!

Children's curiosity about new things is aroused by what they already know.

When adults think of the subject Science, memories of high school physics may come to mind - difficult scientific formulas, test tubes and beakers and long calculations, but here you and your children will discover that science is easy!

Children love to ask questions about all the interesting things they encounter in their environment, so all you need to do is be able to answer their questions adequately for their age level and voila! you are doing preschool science...and when you don't know the answers, you show them how to learn the answers by finding a person or a science book that can explain it to you.

As a homeschooling mom, I often think that we do 'so little science', yet if you consider all the answers to their questions and the observations that your children can make everyday, we are learning about science and nature all the time...in the kitchen, the bathroom, the garden, the garage, the playground, even the preschool and when we are out and about.

The child learn best by discovering things first hand.

All you need to do is to encourage your children to observe and ask questions about the world around them and most of that will involve science in one way or another. Ask questions that will stimulate your child figure out solutions, summarise or evaluate situations.

These repeated experiences become a part of their data base of knowledge and understanding.

Keep a record of your conversations and observations and you'll be amazed at how much science you are actually doing!

It is a good idea to keep a file or folder for recording of your children's science activities and experiments.

Have an easy science experiment to share?

Do you have easy kids science experiments to share?

If your submission is approved,you will receive a free copy of my Ocean Theme Lapbook.

See other Science Experiments submitted

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Using two tablespoons of vinegar, half teaspoon of baking soda, small cup for each child and very dirty pennies. Each child will put a half teaspoon …

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This experiment shows how water is absorbed in paper. Take a paper towel or serviette, and a bowl half full of water. Cut the paper towel into strips …

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preschool science activities

Easy Science Activities Everyday

Easy preschool science activities and experiments that you and your children can do everyday in your home and environment.

Preschool Nature Study

Science and Nature Study

Activities for preschool science and nature study to encourge your children to explore plants and animals and enjoy the outdoors.

Preschool Science Experiements

Science Curriculum for Preschool

Science is always one of my children's favourite subjects, thanks to this wonderful science curriculum. They absolutely loved the hands-on aspect of learning by doing.

Find out more about creating a learning environment for teaching Kindergarten Science at www.kindergarten-lessons.com.

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Easy Science Experiments

What science activities have you done?

See the tried and tested preschool science activities submitted by visitors to this site.

Get ideas or upload a photo and share YOUR scientific discovering with us all.


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