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Preschool Apple Activity

Painted apple stamps are used to create a multi-sensory preschool apple activity.

Five Rosy Apples - Apple Stamping

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Use this painting activity along with the fall preschool nursery counting rhyme, Five Rosy Apples.

Five Rosy Apples

Five rosy apples by the cottage door,
One tumbled off a twig and then there were four.

Four rosy apples by the cottage door,
The farmer's wife took one and then there were three.

Three rosy apples by the cottage door,
I think I'll have one and then there'll be two.

Two rosy apples hanging in the sun,
You have the big one and that will leave one.

One rosy apple, soon it is gone.
The wind blew it off the branch and now there are none.

You will need
Half an apple for each child
Five Rosy Apples printable - one for each child
Art aprons and workspace protection eg.newspaper

Tip: Use a light coloured paint so that if it goes over the text, the verse will still be visible.


Demonstrate to the children how to dip the apple in paint and stamp it down on the page to decorate the edges of the poem.

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