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"Mothers write on the hearts of their children what the hand of time can't erase."

ABC Fun & 1-2-3, Preschool Curriculum, Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

Designed for ages 3-6 years, ABC Fun & 1-2-3 is a story-based preschool curriculum with printable alphabet worksheets, weekly lesson plans, easy kids crafts, nursery rhymes and more.

Continue reading "ABC Fun & 1-2-3, Preschool Curriculum, Preschool Homeschool Curriculum"

8 Goals for Preschool Training, Preschool Homeschooling

Parents should focus on these 8 goals for preschool training to develop their children's character and other life skills.

Continue reading "8 Goals for Preschool Training, Preschool Homeschooling"

ABC Fun Printed Copies, Preschool Curriculum

Order printed copies of ABC Fun & 1-2-3 - an age-appropriate, literature-rich preschool homeschool curriculum to make learning the ABC fun for children aged 3-6 years!

Continue reading "ABC Fun Printed Copies, Preschool Curriculum"

Preschool Discipline

Tips for effective preschool discipline and toddler training

Continue reading "Preschool Discipline"

About Shirley's Preschool Activities

Meet Shirley of Shirley's Preschool Activities and learn more about her life and this website.

Continue reading "About Shirley's Preschool Activities"

School Maturity

School maturity is a term used to denote a biological growing process in a child's development.

Continue reading "School Maturity"

Counting Nursery Rhymes

Preschool songs and nursery rhymes that involve counting are a fun way to re-inforce numbers and preschool math skills.

Continue reading "Counting Nursery Rhymes"

Music Appreciation

Use these ideas and resources to begin your preschool music appreciation adventure.

Continue reading "Music Appreciation"

Printable Crafts, Lapbooks, Preschool Printable Crafts

A variety of printable crafts, easy art projects and story-based lapbooks for children.

Continue reading "Printable Crafts, Lapbooks, Preschool Printable Crafts"

America Preschool Theme

Introduce your preschoolers to the USA with this America Preschool Theme.

Continue reading "America Preschool Theme"

French Ideas

I am fluent in French as are my children. I found a book named after my son, which is a commonly spoken name in Europe and a common song for preschool

Continue reading "French Ideas"

Preschool Cutting Activity, Concertina Cutting

Cut out trees, snowmen,angels, people, bells...whatever shapes you like using this preschool cutting activity.

Continue reading "Preschool Cutting Activity, Concertina Cutting"

ABC Fun Story Books

ABC Fun Story Books

Continue reading "ABC Fun Story Books"

Ocean Theme Lapbook

Study marine creatures using this ocean theme lapbook based on A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle.

Continue reading "Ocean Theme Lapbook"

Free Gift

Free books to download and a free gift has already been pre-paid by someone else on your behalf.

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