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Ladybug Math Activities

Free printable ladybug math activities for preschool and grade 1.

Ladybug Math Printables

You will need

Coloured pencils, crayons or markers
Safety scissors
Red printing paper (optional)
1 piece of card

Click here to download the free printable templates including the instructions given below:
Printable Ladybug Math Activities

1. Colouring the Ladybugs

Help your child to colour the ten ladybugs on the printable template provided. Alternatively, you could print the bugs on red paper and simply add the black dots.
Each ladybug should be given a different number of dots, from 1 to 10. You may need to help children with the higher numbers if they have not yet grasped those number concepts.

2. Cut out the Ladybugs
Once they are coloured, help your child to cut out the ladybugs.

3. Create a Wall and Garden
Divide the piece of card in half and colour the bottom half to look like a brick wall.

Colour the brick wall and draw a garden above it.

Ladybug Math Activities

1. Sequencing - Ask your child to arrange the ladybugs in the correct sequence from 1-10.

2. Calculations - Play with the ladybugs and tell stories using the wall and the garden. For example:

Ask your child to put 3 ladybugs on the wall and 3 in the garden and then tell you how many there are altogether. (Depending on your child's age and ability he may count them or tell you that 3 + 3 = 6.)

The ladybugs in the garden have invited the ladybugs on the wall for a party. Can you put them all in the garden? How many are there in the garden now?

Two of the ladybugs feel tired and decide to go home. Take them away. How many are now left in the garden?

Begin with small numbers ( under 5) and progress to larger numbers as your child is able. Make up your own stories.

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