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Free Printable Ostrich

Use this free printable ostrich to create a poster using children's handprints. It is deal for a preschool theme about Africa or birds.


Ostrich Facts

  • The ostrich is the world's biggest bird. Ostriches are indigenous to Africa.
  • Ostriches are too heavy to fly, but they can run very fast (up to 40 miles or 65km per hour).

  • Ostriches have long legs and necks. The kick of an ostrich can cause serious injury or even death.

  • Ostriches usually weigh from 93 to 130 kg (200 to 285 lb) and at maturity are 1.8 and 2.7 m (6 and 9 ft) in height.

  • The male birds have mainly black feathers and the females are mostly grey in colour. Their feathers are used to make feather dusters and are also used to decorate hats and other fashion accessories like stoles and boas.

  • Ostriches lay clutches of eggs. An ostrich egg is about the equivalent of about 24 hen's eggs.

Free Printable Ostrich Poster

ostrich craft You will need

Brown or coloured paper
Paint (optional)
Printable ostrich template (download)


1. Draw outlines of your children's hands on coloured paper. If you have only one child, or a few, cut multiple hand shapes simultaneously by placing a few sheets of paper together.

(Alternatively, let your children dip their hands in paint and make handprints on brown or coloured paper.)

2. Cut out the handprints. These will be the 'feathers' of the ostrich.

3. Join the two parts of the free printable ostrich template together with tape. Alternatively, cut them out and glue them onto a large poster board.

4. Arrange the 'feathers' and stick them down with glue.

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Let your children experience the textures of different mediums and practice fine motor skills, like cutting and pasting. Tearing is also a good activity for developing fine motor skills.

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