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Use these easy fall preschool recipes to make some delicious food to add to your fall preschool theme.

Pumpkin and Butternut Pumpkin Fritters Recipe 1

2 eggs separated
60 ml sugar
250ml mashed yellow pumpkin
250ml cake flour
5ml bicarbonate of soda
pinch salt
30 ml milk
15ml oil
cinnamon sugar
lemon wedges

1. Add pumpkin and mix well.
2. Beat egg yolks and sugar lightly.
3. Sift together flour, bicarbonate of soda.
4. and salt and fold into pumpkin mixture.
5. Add milk and mix lightly.
6. Beat egg whites until stiff but not dry and fold into batter.
7. Heat oil in frying pan.
8. Drop spoonfuls of pumpkin mixture onto frying pan and cook on both sides until golden.
9. Remove and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and serve hot with lemon wedges.

Pumpkin Fritters Recipe 2

1 cup cooked, mashed pumpkin
half an egg
25 ml flour
5ml baking powder

1. Mix beaten egg, flour and pumpkin to form soft dough
2. Add baking powder
3. Fry spoonfuls until golden

Butternut Soup

2 onions, chopped
1 large butternut, cubed
2 medium potatoes cubed
50g Margarine (or 1cm of a block)v 2 chicken stock cubes
1/2 tsp powdered chicken stock
2,5ml chicken spice
2ml nutmeg
2ml fine cloves
5ml curry powder
5ml salt
Crushed garlic
Dried parsley
250 ml cream

1. Melt the margarine in a large pot and add the chopped onion.
2. Cook until soft. Add the butternut and potato and about 500ml water.
3. Add the spices and cook until the vegetables are soft.
4. Liquidise the soup in a food processor, Twister or with an egg beater.
5. Return to low heat and add dried parsley and cream.
6. Serve with fresh buns/French loaf and salad.
7. Freeze the leftover soup and keep it for another day.

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