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Preschool science activities and easy science experiments submitted by site visitors, that you and your children can easily do at home, in the kitchen or classroom.

Below are tried and tested, science activities that have been share by other visitors to this site.

Get ideas and instructions for how to do your own easy science experiments with your children.

This is also the place to share your success stories.

Upload a photo or two and give an explanation with good clear instructions so that others can try it to.

Submissions that are too brief may not be published and we reserve the right to edit any that are too long. About 300-400 words or just a bit more is the ideal length.

If possible, it will help others if you follow this format:

Title of Your Kids' Science Experiment or Activity

You will need:

- make a list the ingredients or items that were required


- give step-by-step instructions explaining the procedures your followed or the activities you did


- where applicable, you can explain what you and your children observed, what happened or what SHOULD have happened or what your children learned from this experiment or activity


Don't forget to share photos. It is so much easier for others to see what they must accomplish if you have a picture or a series of 4 pictures that demonstrates the process!

Have an easy science experiment to share?

Do you have easy kids science experiments to share?

If your submission is approved,you will receive a free copy of my Ocean Theme Lapbook.

See other Science Experiments submitted

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

Mixing marker colors 
Take a coffee filter and have your child draw on it with various colors of washable markers. They can draw whatever they desire. Once they have completed …

Air is needed for burning 
Science experiments at our pre-school starts with this standard experiment. Take a candle and place it in a wide container. Light it. And see it burn. …

Color Mixing 
An activity for learning about blending colors: I can't remember where I heard about this one but my daughter loved it. Get a few clear plastic …

Tunneling Worms Not rated yet
A science observation activity in a jar: Materials peanut butter jar - empty and clean dirt or compost (moist, not wet) sand (slightly …

Magic Goo Not rated yet
This is a recipe I've made over and over again for my preschooler and my older 'schoolers' still enjoy this too ! Take maizena (maize flour)and water …

Click here to write your own.

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