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Clock Race Math Activity

Develop skills required for learning to tell the time, using this fun Clock Race math activity.

Learning to tell the time is an abstract notion that children must gradually master.

One of the earliest steps in learning to tell time is learning the numbers 1-12. This easy game will help re-inforce telling the time on the hour.

Using games and physical activity to re-inforce abstract concepts helps children to learn skills in a multi-sensory way. Its also just good-ol' fun, in comparison with workbooks and worksheets, which are so often over-used in the classroom.

Clock Race

You will need

12 sheets of paper
a large space


1.Write the numbers 1-12 on the pieces of paper. They should be large enough to be read at a distance.

2.Lay them out in a circle on the floor in the shape of a giant clock-face.

3.Call out times (on the hour only).

4.The children must run and stand on the correct piece of paper.

Variation - Call out activities that you do at different times of the day e.g. lunchtime, bathtime, etc.

Skills - recognizing the numbers 1-12, recognizing positions of numbers on the clock face.

Girl with Blocks

Learning Hardware

Create a 'learning environment' in your home, where children will develop skills they need in life while having fun! Use this list of educational toys and games for gifts for birthdays.

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