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The Whole Child, Issue #068 How to Avoid Math Anxiety
March 09, 2010


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March 2010, Issue #068

1. Hello from Shirley

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A Good Start with Math

“There’s a lot more to preschool math than numbers and sums; its an important language which helps us describe, explore and explain the world we live in….You don’t have to be a mathematician to help your child learn maths. Just by reading aloud you play a vital role in their literacy development and similarly, you will play an important part in developing their understanding of mathematics.”

Isn't that good news for many of you! – YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE GOOD AT MATHS to help your child learn maths!

Just don't pass on your bad attitude toward Math, if you have one!

Preschool math activities and numeracy involves learning about numbers, counting and quantity. It also includes concepts such as

  • money

  • time

  • measurement

  • problem solving skills like classification and sequencing,

  • analytical skills and judgments which are required when weighing, measuring and budgeting

  • vocabulary and language skills for describing all these concepts
  • Children develop through three modes of thinking about numbers. Click on the link below to learn which mode to use for preschool math and to find out what is probably the single biggest cause of ARITHMETIC ANXIETY.

    Preschool Math


    An everyday mathematical concept is the passing of time. Children soon learn about things like birthdays and other regular events such as the holidays, festivals, seasons, months and days of the week. This link includes
    Skills and Activities for Developing an Understanding of Time – months, seasons, hours, minutes, clocks etc.

    2. Check my website

    This month we celebrate Easter and Passover on the following dates:
    Passover - 29 March 2010
    Easter - 2 April 2010
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    Coming up:
    22 April is Earth Day – Earth Day Craft

    3. Quote

    Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas. ~Albert Einstein

    4. Tips & Advice

    “It seems that if you don't gunk it all up with theory, math is pretty common-sense! (and fun).” Kim Clinton - mom to two boys, age 3 & 4.

    Find fun and practical ways to teach your children mathematical concepts around the home. Baking is a great way to introduce weight and volume, sand and water play are good too, setting places at the table, pairing socks, sharing out treats all involve math, as does playing with blocks, toys and manipulatives which encourage counting, appreciation of dimensions and more.

    Here too are some Counting Rhymes and Songs to enjoy with your children!

    Watch out for teachable moments, but also guard against making every activity a math lesson!

    5. Readiness Activities

    The following activities are aimed at ages 2-3. For older children, adapt the activity to their ability or alternatively repeat the activities previously suggested for ages 3-5 in the Backissues of The Whole Child publication. To download the activities in a printable pdf, click here.

    You will need to have Adobe Reader installed. It’s a free download. Repeat these activities often - with your own variations too!

    1. Gross motor skills

    3. Visual skills

    4. Auditory skills

    5. Mathematical skills

    6. Language and thinking skills

    7. Faith-building

    Greetings until next month

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