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The Whole Child, Issue #046 - Christmas Boogie
December 21, 2007

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21 December 2008, Issue #046

Christmas Boogie

I wasn’t going to send out another newsletter until the New Year, but I decided that I should send out a special edition and share some Christmas fun and more with my subscribers!
A newsletter with the usual format and preschool activities will follow in the New Year.

First some family news

Our family has suddenly grown from 5 children to 6, with the return of my 16 year old step-daughter this week.

After living with her mom this past year, she will now be back with us permanently. This decision was made at short notice, so we are all in the process of adjusting to our new circumstances. We are faced with decisions regarding her career direction and schooling options too, so please pray for us at this time.

I recently updated our family photos on my site here but I will have to do so again to included Meghan!

Website news

It is now two years since I started my website and this newsletter. It has really enabled me to fulfill my passion, which was to encourage other moms from the experience that I have gained from parenting and homeschooling my own family these past 10 years.

I now have over 40 000 visitors to my site per month and it is ranked in the top 1% of sites in the world. Like a shop that is buzzing with customers, my busy site has not only benefitted a lot of visitors with info they are seeking, but financially, it is like the goose that lays the golden egg. Every month regular cheques just roll in.

Having a second income has not only raised my family's standard of living, but the extra income has also enabled me to be generous and help others financially too.

I wanted to share this with you again, because EACH of us have a hobby, passion or expertise on a subject. We all know something about SOMETHING! I just happened to choose preschool and homeschooling as my niche.

Since I started my site, I have spread the word and other friends and acquaintances have started sites too.

  • My friend Wendy, has a successful homeschooling site
  • Cathy has started a site about Christian unschooling
  • Tienie has built a site for her husband’s hunting safari business in Namibia
  • One of Wendy's friends, Ali has built a site about Cape Town as a holiday destination
  • Neil is building a Science Fair Project site...
  • Other moms I know have sites about kids cooking, healthy baby food recipes, kids crafts, interior decorating, natural health etc...the amazing niches they find are endless.

    To build my online business, I used a package that provided an Action Guide, which taught me how to plan and build my site correctly, right from the start, so that it would get lots of free traffic, which it now does.

    A site with no traffic, is like a tree lost in the cyberforest – no good to anyone! SBI was my recipe for success!

    I’d love you to consider this exciting opportunity too: Until Christmas, the package I used to succeed on the Net is on special: buy-one-get-one-free.

    Buy one for yourself and give the free one to your partner, a friend or family member or share the cost with a friend and get an awesome package for both of you at half price.

    Time is running out on this special offer, so if you interested, don't hesitate.

    All the info you need is on the SBI site, but please also email me if you would need to, or ask the professional team at Site Build It Questions

    Site Build It!

    Christmas Fun

    Finally, have a laugh. I was going to do a Christmas Dance for you, but its much for fun watching my husband. He gave me permission to show you his Christmas Boogie!!

    We were in stitches, hope you will be too!

    Wishing you and yours a blessed festive season

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