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The Whole Child, Issue #029- Embracing Motherhood
October 15, 2006


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15 October 2006, Issue #029


1. Hello from Shirley
2. Free ebook
3. Tips
4. Quote
5. Book reviews
6. Readiness Activities

1. Hello from Shirley

This week I have really been thinking about Motherhood. I think being a mom is the most demanding job a woman has, yet I believe it is in our make-up to want to be nurturers, in spite of the self-sacrifice that it involves. Lets face it, from conception onwards, your body, your time and your life is forever in demand!

I've started reading a new book about what the Bible says about mothers and it has encouraged me and challenged me in areas where I have been slacking off!

When I look around, sadly, I see many moms who seem to be "reluctant" to be mothers. Perhaps they feel unappreciated and so resentment builds up towards their husbands and children. Some seem to just want to escape from the kids, perhaps because they are undisciplined and demanding, so they dump them with someone else and seek peace in their own adult pursuits.

Don't get me wrong - we all need some "Mom's time out". I had a day shopping at the Mall with two girlfriends this week and boy, did I come hope feeling indulged! I felt like a Madam not just a Mom, but I know that I wouldn't have appreciated our fun day if it weren't such a rare treat for me!

Here's an excerpt from The Power of Motherhood, by Nancy Campbell:

"All mothers love their children, but not all mothers love motherhood!"

"It is only when we receive the revelation that God has created us for this task and that this is our destiny that we will walk in the power and annointing of motherhood. It is only when we embrace motherhood with all our hearts that we will truly enjoy it. Even though we devotedly love our children, if we do not wholeheartedly accept the role of mothering, we will never experience the true glory of motherhood.

That is why many mothers are frustrated with their mothering role. They have spent years training for careers, and find motherhood a threat to their career. Of course they love their children, but the actual function of motherhood is a hindrance to their plans..."

Perhaps it is not just careers that leave moms feeling frustrated, but all the other many demands that are made of us too. For some it is ministry commitments, for others its not being able to just say "NO" to the demands of others! For others its the 'thanklessness' of the job that makes it unappealing - no pay cheque for the month's efforts.

I am encouraged by Colossians 3:23-24: "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward."

2. Free Ebook

Last week I boasted about how successful and profitable my preschool website is becoming. For moms who are perhaps feeling the frustration of having to earn an income but want to stay home and embrace motherhood, an online business is an ideal way to do both!

I know that there are so many folk out there advertising for ways to make money from home that I probably sound like just another voice in the crowd. But few of them would allow you to choose to do something you LOVE.

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If this isn't for you, but you want to share this offer with someone else, please send them to this link, so that SBI will know that it was a referral that originated from me!

3. Tips

There are 70 days until Christmas. If your family celebrates with gift-giving, then get a head start. Make a gift list this week and start your shopping early. You'll be glad that you spread the expense over a few months. The Flylady usually has lists of useful, clutter-free gift ideas. Go search at

4. Quote

Another one from The Power of Motherhood by Nancy Campbell:

"Women can give up their jobs as clerks, engineers, doctors, etc., and other people will step in, and the world will go as smoothly as before...not so with mothering - when we leave this job, the world does not go as before. It falters and begins to lose way."
The world cannot do without mothers!
When mothers abdicate their role, they lay down their power to lead the nation in God's ways!

5. Book Reviews

I have listed some of my favourite parenting and homeschooling books at Shirley's Store where you can browse and purchase those or any other books you like using's secure online shopping. By ordering via my store, you are helping to support my site, as Amazon will pay me a 3% commission!

Last week I reviewed Relational Parenting, by Ross Campbell 

Another great parenting book that I recommend because it challenged my thinking is Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmell.

Its circulating in the bookclub I belong to, so I won't review it myself, but click on the link above and you can read the very positive reviews given on

And the book that I am reading at the moment, The Power of Motherhood, is presently on special, at a discounted price. It is available from a Christian women's encourgement ministry that I have subscribed to for about 9 years,

South Africans, this book is now R150. Hit "reply" and send me an email and I will forward it to the South African Above Rubies representative who will be able to send you a copy and payment details.

The author is based in USA, but their ministry has branches in many other countries too, so contact them via their website for ordering (using Paypal), if you live elsewhere.

  6. Readiness Activities

To download the printable pdf you will need to have installed
Adobe Reader - opens in new window.

The Whole Child - Week 32-33 Activities- printable pdf

Week 32

Auditory perception

Make up rhyming riddles for your child to complete, like these: I can think of something that rhymes with make. When it’s a birthday we bake a …… (cake)

I can think of something that rhymes with sky. When you can’t reach up to something it is too ……..( (high)

I can think of something that rhymes with boy. A thing a child plays with is called a ……..( (toy)

I can think of something that rhymes with fox. The thing we buy cereal in is called a ……. (box)

Perhaps your child might like to ask you some riddles too!

Mathematical skills – volume, weight

Let your child play with two plastic tumblers or jugs in the bath. Fill them with different amounts of water and talk about concepts like, full, fuller, empty, heavy, heavier, light, lighter, little and much heavier etc.

Language and thinking

Begin a habit of reading good literature aloud to your child regularly and let her narrate back to you afterwards. As avid fans of Charlotte Mason, I believe that children who practice the skill of narration, from living books, are not only able to repeat facts, but they learn to process and assimilate information and absorb it into their memories, making it a part of their unique knowledge of the world.

“But one who tries this method on himself will find that in the act of narrating every power of his mind comes into play.” (Charlotte Mason Original Homeschooling Series, Volume 1, Home Education.)

A comprehensive yet easy to read book about Charlotte Mason is A Charlotte Mason Companion (links to

Gross motor skills

Play this game with your child: Tell her to lie on her back on the floor and pull her legs up to her chest and hold them with her arms, so that she is huddled in a ball. Tell her she is an egg and you are an egg-eating monster. When you come near her, she must straighten out her legs and stretch her arms out above her head and in so-doing turn herself into a stick. When you have passed by she must turn back into an egg, until you come near again! Make scary sound effects and use your imagination to make it fun!

Fine motor skills

Create opportunities for your child to draw and express herself through pictures. Ask her to draw a picture for a grandparent of friend or a card for a special occasion.

You could also draw messages for your child such as reminders to brush her hair, brush her teeth, pick up her toys, wash hands before meals etc. so that she discovers that messages can be communicated on paper.

Faith building

We have enjoyed some Bible memory verse CD’s which are part of our Sonlight curriculum, where Bible verses are set to music and sung by children in a way that aids memorisation - Sing the Word! From A-Z and Sing the Word: A New Commandment.

There are also illustrated printable Bible Memory Verses on my preschool site.

Make Bible Memory Verse Caterpillar.
Cut a number of circles of paper all the same size. Add feelers and a face to one and begin with the head. Paste it on the wall or other visible place. Add a segment each time your child/ren have mastered a new Bible verse, so that they can enjoy seeing their caterpillar grow.
Older children could learn consecutive verses of the Bible so that eventually they have memorised a whole chapter or Psalm.
You might want to jump ahead to next week's Faith Building Activity and focus on some of those verses!

Week 33

Visual perception

Play a matching game using construction toys or building blocks. You and your child should each start with identical pieces. You then add another piece and your child must copy you with her piece. Continue adding pieces and then alternate and let your child be the leader in the game. Take turns for as long as your child can concentrate.

Auditory perception

Tell or read your child a short story. Afterwards, ask her to tell you what happened. If she does not tell you everything, prompt her by asking questions about what happened before or after certain events. Also ask other relevant questions about the characters or events of the story. Initially your child may only tell you the parts of the story that were significant to her, like the climax or the ending. However, in time she will learn to narrate back to you with increasing accuracy.

Mathematical skills

Play a board game that requires using dice, like ludo or snakes and ladders. You can use one, two or three dice, depending on your child’s ability. If you don’t own any children’s board games, then create your own board game on a piece of card. Draw blocks in the form of a race track or create whatever theme would delight your child!

Language and thinking

Since the seasons are changing again, talk to your child about how trees change from season to season. Ask her questions about her knowledge of trees at different times of the year. A lovely story that I have mentioned before to re-inforce this activity is The Little House by Viginia Lee Burton.

The story is about urbanisation and how a house in the countryside becomes surrounded by development and technology before finally being 'rescued', but the theme of the changing seasons and the apple trees can't be missed.


Gross motor skills

Take your child to a park where she can play and clamber on the different apparatus. Ask her to hang by her arms from one of the bars on the jungle gym and see if she can pull her chin up towards the bar.

Faith building

As Halloween approaches, begin to meditate on these Scriptures and share some of them with your children, if you feel it would be appropriate.

Romans 16:19 "I want you to be wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil."

1 Corinthians 10:11 "Everything is permissable" - but not everything is constructive.

Romans 12: 2 "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transfromed by the renewing of you mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is - his good pleasing and perfect will."

1 Thessalonians 5:21 "Test everything. Hold on to the good."

Deuteronomy 18:9-12 "Let no one be found among you who ...interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord..."

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