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The Whole Child, Issue #023 - Humour added
July 30, 2006


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29 July 2006, Issue #023


1. Hello from Shirley
2. Updates at Shirley's Preschool Activities
3. Book reviews
4. Tips!
6. Readiness Activities

1. Hello from Shirley

I recently joined a Christian women's bookclub consisting of about 10 other mommies. This week was our monthly get-together and I realised how much I look forward to "mom's night out" ...on my own, without my dear toddler who usually goes everywhere with me or any of my other little treasures. Its a time of good friends, some good fellowship, good books and for me, a measure of  challenge that makes me reassess certain choices I have made in a healthy way.

Without swinging to the extreme of being selfish about our 'me' time, we all need time to build friendships and recharge our 'mommy' batteries and do things that interest and stimulate us.

We also need to cultivate healthy marriage relationships - there's a saying that says the best thing you can do for your child is to love their Dad, and that applies even if you are divorced! You still need to respect that man as your child's parent as best you can (or their mom, if you're a stepmom like me!) Criticising them does not help your child.

So, Saturday night hubby and I are going out for dinner. And you?

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3. Book Reviews

This week's book - (Wipe Clean) Learn to Write Your Letters

Learn to Write Your Letters

I was browsing in a bookstore while waiting for my daughter to finish her ballet lesson and I found a this lovely resouce. It is a write and wipe board book with bright and colourful photos depicting objects that begin with the letters of the alphabet. On each page is a dotted letter for your child to trace using the dry write marker that is included with the book.
I bought it at once as I know my toddler will enjoy looking at the pictures and my four year old will soon be ready to start writing the letters. It is marked for ages 3+.

It is an excellent resource to use along with ABC Fun & 1-2-3

Buy from or Buy from or Buy from Loot

4. Tips

Counting games and tidying up

As I said last week, a great tip I learnt from the flylady is to break big, overwhelming jobs into baby steps.

On days when toys are scattered everywhere and tidying up seems like a daunting task to the children, we do it in small bits at a time. Either I ask each child to tidy just a small area of the room or alternatively, I ask them to count and pick up just 5 or 10 items and then tell me when that's done. Then I change the number and ask them to do just 4 more or 6 more etc. In this way the job becomes a game or at  the very least a task at a time that seems do-able to them!

5. Quote

"Sulking is  really a silent tantrum."  Margaret Cataeno

If you or your child sulks, recognise this manipulative, unacceptable behaviour for what it is and deal with it! Help your child find alternative, positive ways to express herself.

Some humour?

An exasperated mother, whose son was always getting into mischief, finally asked him: "How do you expect to get into Heaven?"

The boy thought it over and said: "Well, I'll run in and out and in and out and keep slamming the door until St. Peter says, 'For Heaven's sake, Dylan, come in or stay out!' "

6. Readiness Activities

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The Whole Child - Week 22 Activities - printable pdf

Week 22

Fine Motor Skills

Let your child draw on a vertical surface, like a blackboard or a large sheet of paper or newspaper taped to a wall. Encourage her first to make large scribbles that can be seen from far away, using the whole arm from the shoulder. Then let her draw smaller scribbles, using just the wrist and fingers and finally, she must use just the fingers to make tiny scribbles. Check that your child moves her hand across her midline when doing these exercises.

Auditory Perception

Choose a piece of classical music to listen to together with your child. Ask her to tell you what it 'describes' to her. Encourage her imagination as she interprets the music for you. There is no wrong answer here!

Language and Thinking

Play a memory game with some children's playing cards. Place a number of cards face down. Each player get to turn over two at a time and then place them face down again. The aim of the game is to find two matching cards. If the cards are matching, the person who found them must keep them, until no more pairs remain.

Visual Perception

Find a book with pictures that contain lots of detailed images. Look at a picture or double page spread together, then close the book and ask your child to describe as much as she can remember.

Mathematical Skills

Create as many opportunities as you can for your child to practice counting. If you are in the car, let her count the oncoming vehicles, if you are in the kitchen, let her count cutlery or fruit etc.

Faith Building

Continue to encourage your children to thank the Lord for his provision. If you don't already, let them pray before eating their food and give thanks.

Here is a song to sing, to the tune of "I hear thunder" or "Frere Jacques":

Thank you, Father, thank you, Father
For this food, for this food
And your many blessings
And your many blessings,
A-a-men, A-a-men.

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