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The Whole Child, Issue #013 -The Classroom of Life
May 19, 2006

The Whole Child e-zine brings you free preschool activities each week to maximize your child's potential, build skills and parent-child relationships in just a few minutes per day. Useful tips, quotes, resources, opportunities and articles will added for extra value!

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19 May 2006, Issue #013


1. Hello from Shirley
2. Updates at Shirley's Preschool Activities
3. Freebie for you again
4. Tips!
6. Readiness Activities

1. Hello from Shirley


I have had a crazy, stressful week this week. One where my stomach was in knots about decisions we had to make, various crises we had to deal with and just all kinds of 'stuff' happening everyday needing time, attention and lots of extra phonecalls.

We all have those kind of weeks and I got through it by deciding to deal with the most important things first. I decided that homeschooling would be lower than usual.

This is the classrooom of real life and my kids are part of all of it, observing and learning things they could never learn just from books.

If you are not receiving this email in html format or you find white gaps where there should be images, then use this link for a much more colorful and easier-to-read version!

2. Updates at Shirley's Preschool Activities

Somehow in the midst of everything that happened, I spent an evening adding some info about When is Father's Day? and Free Father's Day Poems .

I plan to add some other ideas and an easy printable craft to make too, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

3. Freebie for you again

Your Heart is for Your Kids, Right, but This is for YOU!

It's a free ebook that a mom like you might just find inspiring! I did!!

4. Tips

Car Fragrance

Keep a plastic refill sachet of fabric softener in your car to give it a pleasant perfume fragrance.

5. Quote

"Adventuring with God in moulding human lives is the noblest work any man or woman can do.
...I want to tell you that the most interesting years of my life were spent washing diapers and moulding human clay into the image of God

Jane Scott

6. Readiness Activities

This week I have again created a pdf document that you can print. To download it you will need to have Adobe Reader installed.

If you have a problem with this format, please reply to this email and I will send it to you in a different format.

Download Adobe Reader - opens in new window.

The Whole Child - Week 13 Activities

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